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LIFESTYLE: 10 Things #ChrisPaul Can’t Live Without | #GQSports


NBA all-star and future Hall Of Famer Chris Paul sits down with GQ Sport and show’s his top 10 things he can’t live without. His things range from socks to watches and more!!

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Since the shoe has yet to receive an official unveiling,more details are coming. From what we can see, these shoe features a blend of leather, mesh and synthetics across the upper which incorporates the Dynamic Flywire. The shoe is rumored to have Zoom Air in the forefoot and an offset lacing system. Stay tuned for the official launch of Chris Paul’s seventh signature shoe.

[SneakerHead] Sneaker Heaven… Shout Out To @CP3 Sneaker Room #CP3 #Kicks #Sneakerhead #JordanBrand #Clippers


When your salary includes various zeros after a double digit, it is safe to say that your hobbies and favorite things can be tended to quite frequently. Chris Paul seems to have a thing for shoes. Not just any shoes but sneakers. Paul has a whole room in his house dedicated to sneakers. Not just any sneakers but majority of them are Jordan brand because he is a Jordan brand athlete. The same brand that people are camping out and spending whole salaries on, Paul has them piled up in abundance.

His wife recently posted a corner of the room on Instagram to show the world what he’s working with. The picture she posted was just a “portion” of his sneaker room collection and it put some people’s corner to shame. At first glance, the count pair count is about 200. What can one person do with 200 pairs of shoes? All he needs is a T.V., a mini-fridge and a Lazy Boy chair in there and this would be the perfect man cave. Check out Paul’s Sneaker Corner above and let us know what you think. Did he OD on kicks?

[Kicks] Air Jordan 7 “Olympic Gold Medal”

If having great court vision and an uncanny handle wasn’t enough, Chris Paul also has a pair of Js that will likely never hit production. CP3 gave us a look at the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic Gold Medal” after yesterday’s game, offering an inside look at this exclusive update on the “Olympic” 7s. Gold replaces silver on the upper paneling, with all other attributes appearing original.