Lifestyle: #JayZ & Roc A Fella Co Founder Biggs of #FourthofNovember Celebrate “Reasonable Doubt’s” 20th Year Anniversary!



Fourth Of November founder  and Roc-a-Fella Records Co-founder Biggs Burke has put together a collection reflecting the 20year anniversary of the iconic classic rap album by JayZ “Reasonable Doubt”.


INTERVIEW: #DameDash Uncut #KanyeWest #Jay-Z, Lee Daniels Lawsuit & Tries Talking Sway Out Of His Hat.


This morning we had a legend in the building. Dame Dash. Formerly Jay-Z’s manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records, heavy-hitter entrepreneur and fearless businessman.

Before joining us in-studio, Dame Dash told Sway “ask me anything you’re curious about.” Staying true to his statement, Dash gave a candid and uncensored interview, clarifying rumors, giving insight and even dropping gems.

At the 8:42 mark, Dash makes it clear about his feelings toward American actor, film producer, and director, Lee Daniels. Telling us that he “owes” Dash $2 Million. And also opens up about Kanye West (23:24), dropping him from his label years ago and why they should team up with his current endeavors.

What about his current relationship with Jay Z? At the 54:30 mark, he fills us in on where they stand.

Continuing to clarify the “beef” between Dash and Jim Jones (32:52 mark) — and even between him and Beanie Siegle (46:44) — he gives us some new insight and challenges us pursue “their” side of the story.

Moving forward, Dash does what seldom have ever done — call Sway out for wearing his hats! Watch below as he questions Sway’s motives, drops game and opens up about his family and friends (1:03:32 mark.)

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