Hustle Simmons & Young Jeezy Interview

Hustle Simmons sits down with Young Jeezy while he’s in Boston for his “Hustlerz Ambition Tour”. Find out when & where he first dreampt of being a rapper. Young breaks down his first thoughts on the internet, what record of his new album surprised him the most with a big response & he breaks down his first big show of his career when his DJ accidently played the wrong record but the crowd went crazy…

Livin’ The Life | Life + Times

Life+Times spends the day with Melanie Fiona as she prepares to release her sophomore album The MF Life. Here, the critically acclaimed, two-time Grammy Award winning singer takes us through her new Brooklyn neighborhood, discusses “living the MF life” and even runs into a familiar Kings County face, Spike Lee. Thanks to Jay-z and Life and times for the footage..

Stalley at Dubland underground

Saturday night Stacks and kicks Lifestyle was in the Building DublandUnderground in Rochester N.Y For the Stalley show. Stalley was repping that 330 hard as well as MMG Lyrics where on point as usual beats where hitting hard as well, he preformed tracks off his hit CD ”Lincoln Way Nights” (Inlelligent Trunk Music) .

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