NEW VISUALS: RUSS “HUSTLER FREESTYLE” RUSS drops "HUSTLER FREESTYLE" over a smooth 1970's musical flip he's so laid back as if to say it's too easy for him. The visuals are shot on location in the desert at a modern upscale home. Stream all of Russ's music now on all dsp's and stay locked in for more exclusive content. … Continue reading NEW VISUALS: RUSS “HUSTLER FREESTYLE”

MUSIC: NEW LA LEAKERS POWER 105 FREESTYLE FEATURING RUSS It's Russ and you know he's always stayed in his own lane and delivered on another level. He stops by the Power 105 studios for this weeks L.A. Leakers freestyle and yes he brings it!!CC:SD x LA LEAKERS tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog

NEW VISUALS: RUSS “UTAH FREESTYLE” Russ is back with a performance visual for his latest single "Utah Freestyle" and he's still on a nice wave and in his own lane. Hit the links below to stay locked in with Russ and all his socials and more!! CC:SD x RUSS tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog Links: Official video for "Utah Freestyle” … Continue reading NEW VISUALS: RUSS “UTAH FREESTYLE”

NEW MUSIC: RUSS “LOSIN CONTROL PT. 2” After the SMASH single that took his music career to another level Russ is back with "Losin Control 2" five years since the original drop from 2016. Take a listen as a more seasoned Russ talks love relationships and more you can stream the single now on all dsps's!! CC:SD x RUSStags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: RUSS “LOSIN CONTROL PT. 2”

NEW VISUALS: #RUSS “3:15 BREATHE” Russ drops the visuals for his smoothed out love song titled 3:15 (Breathe) hit the links to stay connected to everything Russ. Stay locked in with the blog by hitting the follow button and don't forget to hit the like button as well. CC:SD x RUSSTags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blog #blogger Links: Twitter: Instagram: reading NEW VISUALS: #RUSS “3:15 BREATHE”

NEW VISUALS: #RUSS “SATISFY” Russ is back with a visual for his latest drop "Satisfy" he proclaims to his love interest that he's all she would need in more ways than one. Hit the links below to stay locked in with Russ on all of his social media platforms. CC:SD x Russ Links: Official video for "Satisfy"​Continue reading NEW VISUALS: #RUSS “SATISFY”

NEW MUSIC: #RUSS “3:15 BREATHE” Russ has been consistent with his music and the releases and keeping on the path he's back with another one titled "3:15 Breathe". The smooth vocals pull you in as he talks about getting love and pushing that love away hence he misses it and can't breathe without the love lost. CC:SD x Russ … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #RUSS “3:15 BREATHE”

NEW MUSIC: RUSS “STATUS” The work doesn't stop and Russ has been putting in the work and after his drop a few week ago "Small Talk" he's back with the melodic vibes for "Status" the catchy hook is something that we can get use to.Stream all of Russ's music on all dsp's. CC:SD x Russ Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: RUSS “STATUS”

NEW MUSIC: #RUSS “BANKRUPT” Russ stays in his lane and is back with another single titled "Bankrupt" hit all the links below to stay locked in for everything Russ. CC:SJ Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog Links: Official audio for "BANKRUPT"​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Facebook:​ TikTok:​

NEW VISUALS: RUSS “HARD FOR ME” Russ the ultimate independent artist is back with another visual this time for his single "Hard For Me". Stream all of his music on all dsp's including our top choice Tidal stay locked in for more from Russ in the coming weeks. CC:SJ Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #lifestyleblogger

NEW VISUALS: RUSS “MISUNDERSTOOD” The talented Russ comes back with the visuals for "Misunderstood" the catchy hook and the strings pulls you into the vibes. Stay tuned for more music from Russ as we move towards the Summer months. CC:SJ x Russ Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #russ Links: