FILM: NEW #FILM “KIMI’ STARRING #ZOEKRAVITZ 2022 Coming this February the 10th the thriller "KIMI" is about a tech worker who discovers a possible murder via her audio assistant device. This one looks good and will be a must watch on release date Zoe Kravitz is the lead actress and will also be in the upcoming BatMan movie this year as … Continue reading FILM: NEW #FILM “KIMI’ STARRING #ZOEKRAVITZ 2022

FILM: COMING 2022 “SCREAM 5 ONE LAST SCARE” After 25 years since the original release Scream is back for it's 5th film titled "ONE LAST SCARE" will hit theaters this coming January the 14th.The film will feature most of the original cast and the trailer looks really goos especially the smart door scene which could really happen enjoy the clip and stay … Continue reading FILM: COMING 2022 “SCREAM 5 ONE LAST SCARE”

FILM: NEW #SPIDERMAN “NO WAY HOME” #TRAILER Coming this December the 17th Spider-Man "NO WAY HOME" is action packed and full of surprises that will have you on the edge of your seat get your popcorn ready mark the date on your calendar because this one is good really good enjoy the trailer!! CC:SD x Sony x Marvel tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger … Continue reading FILM: NEW #SPIDERMAN “NO WAY HOME” #TRAILER

FILM: NEW #MARVEL “MORBIUS” TRAILER STARRING JARRED LETO, TYRESE GIBSON AND MICHAEL KEATON!! Marvel's all-star cast for Morbius starring Jared Leto,Tyrese Gibson and Michael Keaton the comic action thriller looks very good can the good doctor keep things under control or will things go left and end bad. Morbius hits theaters this coming January the 28th 2022!! CC:SD x MARVEL STUDIOS tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blog #film

FILM: THE WITCHER SEASON 2 #NETFLIX STARTS SOON!! Coming this December the 17th "THE WITCHER SEASON 2" will hit Netflix streaming service the visuals and cinematography looks super good and of course the action and acting is next level enjoy the trailer. CC:SD x NETFLIXtags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #Netflix

FILM: COMING TO #NETFLIX “RED NOTICE” STARRING DEWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON!! Netflix continues to bring the heat and next up is a spy action thriller featuring DeWayne the Rock Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. The film will be available this November on the streaming platform on the 12th of the month!! CC:SD x NETFLIX tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #Netflix

FILM: 13 MINUTES OFFICIAL TRAILER A small town that has survived tornados in the past is dealing with one on a extremely different level the film "13 Minutes" stars Ann Heche,Thora Birch and others. The film with hit theaters and streaming platforms this October on the 29th. CC:SD Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #film

FILM: Army of Thieves | Official Trailer | #Netflix This prequel to "Army Of The Dead" by Zack Snyder is about a group of misfits that get together to pull of a group of international bank heist. The film is action packed and it stars Nathalie Emmanuel as one of the leads of the crew. Look for this to hit your NetFlix playlist … Continue reading FILM: Army of Thieves | Official Trailer | #Netflix

FILM:  ‘THE HARDER THEY FALL’ TRAILER #NETFLIX / THEATERS This Western features an updated look starring Idris Alba and Regina King "The Harder They Fall" is a NetFlix film and will hit select theaters in most major cities world wide!! CC:SD x NETFLIX Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #blog #netflix

FILM: #TOMHANKS STARS IN APPLE TV’S “FINCH” Tom Hanks is back in a SCI-FI thriller titled "FINCH" about a post-apocalyptic earth which he's left with a robot he created and his dog. The movie will be released this November the 5th via AppleTv's streaming platform. CC:SD x APPLE Tags: #stacksandkickslifestyle #blogger #film #blog

FILM: #HALLOWEENKILLS OFFICAL TRAILER The classic triller is coming back for what seems to be the final go around Jamie Lee Curtis is starring in "Halloween Kills". The movie will hit select theaters this coming October the 15th and this one looks really good and not cheesy at all enjoy the trailer hit the like button!! CC:SD x … Continue reading FILM: #HALLOWEENKILLS OFFICAL TRAILER

CULTURE: NEW ATL2 #MOVIE TRAILER……… Is there a part 2 of the cult classic ATL we've heard rumblings of this project for a long while now and if this comes to the big screen or even Amazon Prime man oh man the people will be there. For now enjoy this short clip we would love to see what happened … Continue reading CULTURE: NEW ATL2 #MOVIE TRAILER………