[Lifestyle] ORSOS Island | A Floating Paradise of Luxury

For those who crave a secluded private island of their own, but hate being tied down to one place, then Orsos Island is for you. A ‘floating island’ offering more than 10,000 square feet of living space and enough rooms to accommodate 12 people comfortably, with additional room for a staff of four to be at your beck and call.. Orsos Island is luxury living at its finest, but luxury is never cheap, and the luxury of this Island will cost you about $6 million. Orsos Island is touted on its website as a mix between a yacht, and a mainland home, and has several environmental features including solar panels, a noiseless wind energy system and heat recovery from water that serves as “the basis of heating and air conditioning.” It is a man-made floating “island” complete with two small diesel engines for whenever you get wanderlust, then you can just sail away, with your island intact. There is a large game room in the island’s “hull” plus an underwater karaoke suite, along with the usual uber-rich amenities: Jacuzzi, barbecue, sun loungers, minibar, stately dining room and an aquarium. The island can be anchored anywhere in the world that the owner pleases. The product is still in its prototype stage but a public reveal is set for some time in 2013.

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