FASHION: #RickOwens SS14: This revolution will be televised #FASHION #LIFESTYLE

If ever there was proof needed as to why Rick Owens is a cult fashion label, then his S 14 womenswear show was it. It broke parameters, smashed up expectations and gave an emphatic two fingers to the establishment – as only a brand that is both in fashion and outside of it can do.
Owens wanted to do something American in Paris — but this was no Gene Kelly pirouette. He looked to the Afro American craze of Stepping – a dance where the whole body is used to provide the rhythm – and had recruited four different teams from universities across America. The girls stomped out with all the fervour of the All Blacks performing the Haka: bristlingly physical; scowling and raw.
And did we notice the clothes? Eventually, yes. There were butter soft leather long-line gilets in black or sand, slate grey skirts with cutaway hems, stark white dresses with kimono arm holes, and a cool little kinetic bauble skirt that popped from underneath a tunic.
Boy, could those girls make those clothes move. We saw the clothes strain and stretch, twist and gyrate and they looked realer and cooler and better than they could ever have looked on a lissom gliding model. And that’s why it was such a seminal show — because as weird and fantastical and awesome as it was, it was actually about as real as fashion week ever gets.

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