Music: New Music from @WestsideGunn and @WhoisConway “Machine Gun Black” Salute #HallandNash


Griselda Records just inked a deal with Eminem and his Interscope imprint Shady Records this is a great look for WestsideGunn Griselda Records label head and his partner Conway. The two have been taking flights hitting studios all over the country dropping a slew of mix-tapes over the past 36 months including critically acclaimed projects along the way “FlyGod” by WestsideGunn just happen to be the one that really turned the world onto the entire GXFR movement. The albums art work sparked enough buzz to where they dropped exclusive merch which sold out within minutes and had they’re fan base begging for more. Conway one of the best lyrical rappers in the world took the game by storm with is extreme street vision lyrics and his potent metaphors which at times would have you saying wait “What did he just say” the two Buffalo native artist have had as mentioned previously a ton of projects including WSG’s Hitler Wears Hermes series and Conways Reject projects. Conway’s G.O.A.T project has been teased over the past couple of months and should hit any day now. As far as WSG his “HITLER ON STEROIDS”project will be releasing on the 8th of March. The track above “Machine gun black” features production by JustBlaze and a special guest on the intro…..



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