Music News: New #Eminem project is slated to drop this Fall but does anyone really care???


There has been rumors of an Eminem project for awhile now  and especially after recent pictures surfaced via social media of him in the studio with the likes of 2 Chainz and others. On a number of outlets its seems that his return isn’t as hyped as people would think a lot of his base is older now and it’s understandable because EM will be 45 himself this year in October.Also fans of his previous works have stated his return will be  nice but “his last few projects have been lack luster considering its dealings with personal issues that seemed to be a regurgitated theme. According to more reports EM had a real impact back with his earlier projects including the film and soundtrack for “8Mile” and “The Eminem Show” although later works have done well he still didn’t have a string of releases that came with a line of consistency and with him not being consistent that could mean subpar sales. We live in a streaming world now so of course it will be streamed and the project should do well that way. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what his new sound would be and what topics he’ll talk about,but I’m pretty sure no one whats to hear a Rich rapper at his age and of his ilk talk about politics or his trailer park past laced with drug abuse. Who knows???



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