Women’s stylist and Street-Wear designer Melody Ehsani is now apart of Jordan Brand with her first drop with the Legendary sneaker brand. Her AJ 1 Mids will be hitting select retailers and online this coming November the 15th and will retail for $130.00 dollars. The kicks have a What The? vibe to them as well as some Virgil Abloh cues with the writing on the mid-sole nonetheless Melody who loves Gold and caps off the kicks with a ME initial name sake Rolex like watch styled lace-lock the kicks also feature a translucent Blue out-sole The quote along the mid-sole  says ”IF YOU KNEW WHAT YOU HAD WAS RARE YOU WOULD NEVER WASTE IT” which isn’t her own it’s from Julie Burns it would’ve been nice if she made up her very own cliche but all in all it’s still a good look for her maybe next time she will come with more creative vibes that hasn’t seem to have been done already these are still a must have for the collection and because Melody  is super dope and we should support the trailblazers who are some of the ”FEARLESS ONES”.


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