Virgil Abloh has passed away today at the age of 41 of cancer which he had battled with privately for some time now. Virgil who got his start many years ago by meeting Kanye West while partnering with RSVP Gallery a boutique in Chicago in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. Abloh was apart of brand Been Trill that took over the streetwear game early in the previous decade. He then after linking up with Kanye West and people like A$ap Rocky and the A$AP -MOB created Pyrex Vision in 2013 that creatively linked street culture with drug culture and the 23 on the back of the gear payed homage to Michael Jordan and his impact on the culture.Fast forward to Pyrex Vision getting traction because of his YE connect Virgil was able to get the wears to Matt Kemp who at the time was dating Rihanna and then eventually JayZ and Beyonce got pieces of the clothing and the brand took off. After Pyrex Vision had it’s run Virgil flipped it into Off-White and the rest is HIS-TORY!! Virgil then had a deal with Jordan Brand and Nike that continues to this day let’s see how the brands continue the line moving forward or if his wife will close down the brands in honor of her husband only time will tell.In closing rest in heaven Mr.Virgil Abloh you came in the industry and created change!!


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