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Kanye West has been a force since entering the music industry his ear for sound and his eye for fashion and creativity. He has stamped himself in the game as an all-time great and the awards and accolades are there as proof. Overtime he’s had deals with a host of brands and put people on in the game from Don.C to Virgil Abloh. He brought the RETRO game back from the DEAD in the early 2000’s along with ABLOH and got a deal with NIKE. The pair had released two signature sneakers but do to creative differences they separated. He took his talents to Adidas and brought them up as a brand from the dark after the NMD phase went away. Adidas gave him full creativite control and it worked out for both parties putting Adidas back on the map and generating multi-Billion dollar earnings for both West and the brand. Ye as a creative has always been steps ahead and his vision is next level which over the time of the deal has caused friction. The outspoken West got into some hot water for letting some personal thoughts of the enter-workings of business as a whole in both fashion and the music industry. Now Adidas has followed other brands by parting ways with West for now America loves a comeback story we’ll just have to see if he can turn this stone over and be back on top again.




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